Piggy White

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Perfect for baby shower gifts or just because you want your little one to rock the cutest shoes! 

  • Excellent Fit to mimic a fitted sock formed to the baby's foot shape for ultimate comfort fit & movement
  • Ergonomic design with flexibility & barefeet comfort. Designed with honey-comb soles made with non-slip, ultra lightweight thermoplastic rubber
  • Insoles built with TPE injections to provide extra cushion with air flow permeability.

Soft, breathable upper material made with cotton 80%, spandex 18% and lycra 2%  for a fitted wear with our patented Go-Shins ultra light soft rubber soles made with 100% TPE (pressed non-toxic test certified). Environmentally friendly

Made in Korea

*Machine washable with wash net included in each box. Air dry only. 

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Deborah Sampley

Your product is great- costly for me as the babies grow so fast. Id like yo but more do you have close out, coupons, or upcoming sales?

Size Guide

Download Shoe Measuring Chart

*Size may vary depending on each child. Size chart is for reference only

Upper material is made of spandex and lycra, however please measure your baby's feet from heel to toe for proper measurements.