Our Story

About Go-Shins™ 
Inspired by the Korean traditional shoes from the early 20th century, we have revamped the uniqueness still adhering to the similar lightweight concept with a more modern design & comfort for today's children.
"Go" is short for the word "Gomoo" which means rubber in Korean. The word "Shins" means shoes, thus the birth of "Go-Shins™" (rubber shoes).
The main purpose of this unique footwear is to provide our children the freedom of movement with simplicity. A footwear that is made to mimic a child's bare feet to enjoy that extra jump, hop and a skip!
The Founders
Women owned & Proud Moms!
Our passion really stems from our love for children and their comfort. We are two moms who live in California, and share a love for kids. Between us we have seven kids (Yes! You read that right, SEVEN kids!) As working mothers we understand that comfort and convenience is essential. We experience first hand that a child's comfort can make or break our day.
As best friends raising our children together, we would take the kids to gyms, play areas and kid's cafes which has a 'no shoe' policy. As parents, we were concerned about germs and sanitation of the play areas. That's when
Go-Shins was born! "I wish there was a sock shoe they can wear!"
Working with the best innovative design team and using the safest materials, we designed the rubber shoes at its best! Adding the convenience of tossing the shoes in the washer in a wash bag, included in each pair for busy parents!
Go-Shins is possible today because we relate with every parent that seeks the best for our children!
We are so happy to share the Go-Shins experience with you! ❤
                                                                                 One Step Goes a Long Way